Model 530 Platinum Series Lifting Gloves Schiek Sports
Model 530 Platinum Series Lifting Gloves Schiek Sports
Model 530 Platinum Series Lifting Gloves Schiek Sports
Model 530 Platinum Series Lifting Gloves Schiek Sports
Model 530 Platinum Series Lifting Gloves Schiek Sports
Model 530 Platinum Series Lifting Gloves

Model 530 Platinum Series Lifting Gloves

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Model 530 Platinum Series Lifting Gloves combine the comfort of gel padding and patented fins for easy removal. The durable synthetic leather gloves are washable, non-bleeding and have a rubberized non-slip palm area. These gloves are 3/4 finger length and carry a 1-year warranty. The combination of features makes these gloves ideal for weightlifting and other power sports. The rubberized palm helps to ensure a secure grip and the gel-padded interior provides a comfortable fit. With the increased protection and superior grip, you can lift with confidence and maximize your gains. Achieve peak performance with Model 530 Platinum Series Lifting Gloves. Designed with gel padding and patented fins for easy removal, these gloves provide maximum comfort during your workouts. The washable, non-bleeding synthetic leather and rubberized non-slip palm area ensure durability and a secure grip, allowing you to push yourself to the limit. Plus, with a 1-year warranty, you can trust in the quality of these 3/4 finger length gloves for all your weightlifting and power sport needs. Maximize your gains with the ultimate lifting gloves.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Best gloves ever!

Quality from every aspect l.
Durable and washable yet form fitting.
My last pair lasted almost 2 years being used daily !
I highly recommend these gloves .

Eric Woods
Simply the best lifting glove.

Schiek 530 gloves are by far the best gloves I have ever used in the gym. My first pair lasted five years! Other brands that I have tried never last more than two years. I like the simple design of the 530. They don’t have the built in wrist wrap. I find those uncomfortable. The “fins” on each finger make you wonder why all other gloves don’t have these. They make taking them off so easy and you don’t tear up the finger holes. Schiek gloves do run very small. My hands are tiny and the Large is very tight on me. Maybe they are semi unisex sizing? All in all, they are simply the best lifting glove.

CJ Dallas

Love these gloves! I've worn them for years and they are the only ones I will buy. Mine tend to last about 6-9 months maximum, but that is only because even washing can't remove the smell after awhile. From a durability and comfort standpoint, they are awesome.


Great gloves giving me the ability to lift more with out straining my hands and ripping of my skin

George Lipsky

I really like the 530 gloves. They offer excellent support and grip and the fins are perfect for easy removal after a workout when all other gloves are hard to take off. My only criticism is that the inside thumb seam is the 1st thing to go after much wear and tear.


I have an old pair of Schiek gloves and was ready for an upgrade. Fantastic product and will look into future Schiek products if/when needed. Great products, great purchasing experience, highly recommend Schiek!


Your gloves are the best and only ones I use. This is my 5th pair of your gloves. I recommend them to everyone!


This is my 3rd pair of these glove and I must say they are the best in the industry.


I've been lifting weights for many years now and these are the best gloves I have ever used.


By far the best lifting gloves I have ever owned. Just ordered my third pair, only because the first two pair were lifted from the gym.

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