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Model 425 Power Series Lifting Gloves with Wrist Wraps

Model 425 Power Series Lifting Gloves with Wrist Wraps

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Our Model 425 Power Series Lifting Gloves with the added wrist support feature. The gloves feature our easy-off fins and gel padding throughout the palm and thumb area. The durable 1/2 finger gloves are washable and guaranteed not to bleed. Its fingerless design provides the perfect combination of dexterity and protection, while the wrist wraps help promotes proper form and increase stability during a workout. Together, they make an unbeatable combination for safer and more successful training. Maximize your potential with our Model 425 Power Series Lifting Gloves. These gloves not only feature easy-off fins and gel padding for optimal comfort, but also provide essential wrist support to enhance your performance and prevent injury during any workout. With guaranteed washability and durable design, these fingerless gloves offer the perfect balance of flexibility and protection for your hands. Trust in our unbeatable combination of features for a safer and more successful training experience.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Dane Farner
Like the fins - functional

Like the AMERICAN MADE glove of quality material vs. imported gloves from who knows where!!

Geo Car
Game changer, great glove

Great gloves

Paratrooper Tom

These gloves check all the boxes! I was looking for gloves that would adequately cushion my palms during workouts, support my wrists and improve the grip. Little did I know how fantastic the finger ribs more struggling to remove the gloves amazing! These gloves were definitely designed by someone who works out hard.


I love this pair of gloves, the best on the market!


I could never find a pair of workout gloves that fit. They were either to big or to small. These gloves fit me perfect and the quality is outstanding, not to mention the excellent customer service and they are located in the good old U.S.A. Thank you.

Joe F.
A well constructed and durable glove

Finally found my go-to gloves after burning-out and destroying many inferior made gloves…. The double leather palm and gel inserts cut all the sting out of the bar when loading heavy. The neoprene wrist wraps function flawless: plenty of material and the Velcro holds tight. The patented finger tabs on the top of the hand work great. Thank you Shiek for this quality professional grade glove!



Paul Pergakis

I'm now an old man. I've been out of the gym for 20 years. before that I worked out 6 days a week in split sets. I always used Sarnac Leather Gloves in my training. My hands are not what they once were. Finding a Training Glove that could help restore my strength was a must. I have returned to the gym. I have a trainer who'd kicking my ass. Schieck Gloves are part of my Plan to die strong or else. They're comfortable, supportive, and feel strong. My hands are powerful and reliable. Schiek, you make a Great Glove. Thank you.

Michael Nystrom
Love the Glove

I bought these gloves because heavier hand weights put pressure on my thumbs and attending nerves. The gel padding in my Schiek gloves helps a lot to relieve pressure in my arthritic hands. The fins are very cool and work well. As the gloves break in they are more comfortable. They look good and stylish as well.
Obviously I am very happy with them. Made in the USA.

Michael Stines

Great product

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