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Schiek Model 1147 Tommy Kono Waist Band

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The Schiek Model 1147 Tommy Kono Waist Band was designed by former World Champion and Gold Medalist Tommy Kono! 

The Tommy Kono Waist Band features a special neoprene elastic material that helps retain body heat and provides incredible support from the constant pounding and repetitive movements you put your body through with a rigorous exercise program.. The quality material is stretchable and because of the 5mm thickness, its use will give you excellent support and warmth to the area it covers. In addition to providing warmth and stability, the Tommy Kono Waist Band may help to metabolize belly fat by generating heat and improving blood circulation. (Note: the band will not single-handedly reduce body fat without diet and exercise. Do not let yourself be convinced otherwise.) The Tommy Kono Waist Band is designed to help increase muscle stability, decrease fatigue, and enhance your overall performance. Its lightweight design makes it ideal for workouts, while the heat-retaining material helps you stay warm in colder temperatures.

48 inches long, providing a ONE SIZE FITS MOST.

7 1/2 inces wide, giving more support and a wider coverage.

Made of 5mm THICK neoprene, thicker than most other waist trimmers on the market.

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